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Live on TikTok & Twitch - Monday - Friday 9am pst

Still Water Oldies Every Friday Night - 9pm pst

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I grew up in the ethnically diverse community that borders Hollywood and South Central Los Angeles. My life has closely followed and exceed the premise of my favorite childhood film "Beat Street." Hip Hop was my soundtrack that focused and inspired me, honest, frank and a rhythm unique to its creator.

Earning and excelling (Cum Laude) at Cal State Los Angeles I earned my Bachelors degree in Television/Film/Media as well as a degree in Chicano studies from Los Angeles Mission College, I have always expanded my knowledge and skills, becoming an expert in my field. My reputation as a trusted colleague transforming companies began when I worked in radio as the video producer on the syndicated hip hop radio show “The Wake Up Show” on Power 106 in Los Angeles. Shooting and airing video of some of music’s most influential hip hop artists before it became an industry staple, the hugely influential radio show spawned many careers and reflected the culture, music, message and style that I grew up with.

I later went to work at MTV where I worked in production of such shows at TRL, "Growing Up Black in America" special and numerous celebrity interviews. Continuing My growth,I moved over to NBC Universal's Hispanic cable network mun2/ NBCUniverso. At mun2 as a leading production executive, whereI leveraged my knowledge, heritage and passion of entertainment and music with the networks many music, lifestyle and reality series, as well as working with parent company Telemundo for specials, live events and coordination of broadcast assets and subtitling.

Excelling my career in TV production, I continued to experiment and develop support for my hip-hop roots by starting The Cut a digital content show with DJ Revolution. With over one million views, the content is home to interviews and features on the top DJs in music and hip hop - from established to up and coming.

During the pandemic I decided to finally take on the DJ craft and began a new adventure from performing at real life events to having my own events like Dickies & Hickeys, Still Water Oldies at venues like the LA County Fair and The House Of Blues. I continue to define entertainment and culture and I am still growing as a brand. Check me out Monday - Friday at 9am pst and Every Friday Night at 9pm pst doing Still Water Oldies only on I also provide a 24 hour radio stream of all my favorite oldies on Twitch.

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